Young carer Keia Leese, 16, whose mum has borderline personality disorder, used to distance herself from friends because they didn’t understand.

More than a third of young carers in the UK have experienced problems with their mental wellbeing, according to new research.

There are currently about 800,000 youngsters aged 11-18 in England who give up their time to care for someone the live with, such as a parent.

YouGov study, published by Carers Trust revealed 37 per cent of the country’s young carers felt “stressed” because they are caring for someone and 32 per cent feel “worried”.

It also shows almost a quarter (23 per cent) of young carers felt their responsibilities have stopped them from making friends in the past.

Just under half (44 per cent) felt they got enough help with their emotions and feelings, while only six per cent said they would speak to a mental health professional.

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