What is MyLiferaft?

MyLiferaft is an innovative and easy way to stay on top of all the information that comes with being a Carer and looking after the person you care for – and share it with the people who need it.  It’s a secure place online where you can keep and update all the details about an individual’s health, care and well-being. Through a tablet, laptop or phone, you can keep your care network up to date, on screen or on paper. You decide who gets what information, and when.

Throughout history, people have cared for others.   In the 21st century, husbands, wives, children, parents, neighbours and paid carers continue to underline what is human.  Every second of the day and night, the silent army works.   Care Radio UK is dedicated to carers, and those they care for.   MyLiferaft is delighted to enable this support.

Nicola Murgatroyd – Parent Carer for Faith (died 2010 aged 28) and who had multiple disabilities, and founder of MyLiferaft.


Care Radio UK Listener Offer

Courtesy of MyLiferaft, Care Radio UK has 2 accounts to give YOU the flexibility and freedom to choose the right account for YOU and YOUR family. Find out more about our FREE account and start using MyLiferaft today to see how it can help YOU & your loved ones!

Why Use MyLiferaft

Looking after a person with a long-term condition or special need can be exhausting. Meetings, appointments, assessments.  Forms to fill in. And a lot of information to absorb, manage and stay on top of. You and the person you care for can easily feel disempowered, and not in control.

MyLiferaft puts you back in charge. It gives you a single store of real-time. It’s yours to own and manage, from a tablet, laptop or phone.

You can:

  • share information with people who support you
  • access information for filling in multiple forms/assessments, wherever you are.
  • create essential reports, like a summary of needs, a list of medications, or a pre-populated DLA form
  • engaging wider support teams including health, social care and school

MyLiferaft also lets you run and share calendars, set goal setting, keep a journal and much more.

What are the benefits of using MyLiferaft?

  • Be more in control
  • Avoid repeating yourself to different people in your care network
  • Find information quickly and easily to fill in forms and be prepared for meetings and assessments
  • Keep your care network up-to-date on what an individual requires and allows others to monitor their health and well-being on a day-to-day basis
  • Worry less about what would happen if you weren’t there
  • Have more time for your own activities, and feel supported
  • Support you to help the person you care for to lead a fuller life and stay well
  • Manage the changes that happen throughout an individual’s life

Sofia’s Story

MyLiferaft was created by technology entrepreneur Nicola Murgatroyd. Her oldest daughter had complex special needs, and Nicola faced real problems managing her care effectively.  The story in this video is a fictional representation, highlighting some of the journey and issues they faced together and where MyLiferaft can help.

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