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As a Carer, it can be difficult to put your own needs before others, in particular those you care for.

However, ‘self-care’ is essential for your physical and mental health. If you are in good-shape, you are more likely to view daily issues rationally, undertake your daily duties with confidence and generally feel healthy and approach life with a positive mindset.

However, we know it’s no easy task.

On Care Radio UK, we produce and broadcast regular advice from professionals and more importantly other Carers from around the UK who share their stories of advice and resilience.

Edited by Elaine MacKenzie


We look for the very best articles about health and wellbeing from across the globe to share with you.

We also look for the very best articles from across the globe to share with you.
In this article written by Sarah Stewart-Brown, Professor of Public Health and published by the NHS, Sarah provides some invaluable advice on how to survive the everyday stresses of life and how understanding our emotional needs is so important in this modern world.

LINK: Improve-mental-wellbeing

To support this advice from Sarah Stewart-Brown, take some time to view this TED Talk by author Guy Winch, who encourages us to take time to take our emotional health as seriously as our physical health.
Guy’s book is entitled ‘Emotional First Aid’ (Plume 2014).

The Kilted Coaches

From a practical point of view, with regard to health and well-being, Care Radio UK would like to introduce you to our friends The Kilted Coaches.
Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields have taken the world of self-care to a whole new level. Their approach is fun, irreverent in style but with an important message.
Their style eliminates any fear you may have for the gym, of exercise, of eating well and of course, good mental health.

Find out more about The Kilted Coaches right here: thekiltedcoaches.com

And in this You Tube clip, Stephen and Rab talk about ‘How to Balance Your Life’.

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