In this programme, Gary speaks to Alison Carr who talks about her son Fraser in ‘My Care Story’. Fraser was nine years old when he contracted encephalitis, a rare but serious inflammation of the brain usually caused by a virus. Alison talks openly about her family’s struggle and gives her views on funding for Carers and the testing of her personal resilience.

Dr Suzanne Zeedyk is a research scientist and one of the UK’s foremost experts on the science of connection. She is the founder of the organisation connected baby, an organisation that brings the science of connection to life with the aim to help people understand that science and to spread the message of connection. In this episode, Suzanne talks about understanding the behaviours of young people and why making people feel safe is so vital in the work that carers do every day.

The world and art of negotiation isn’t just down to big business, or indeed the politicians locking horns over Brexit proposals…we all, on some level negotiate…even our children do it….’Mum, I’ll do the dishes for a month if I can borrow the car’ or if you’re part of the workforce debating where to have the staff Christmas party…it’s all negotiation….if you’re a Carer, you’ll negotiate every day to…Gary speaks to the author Anthony J Drew before a live audience in Edinburgh in order to help us become better negotiators.

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