CARE RADIO UK Commercial Partnerships

The benefits around advertising on radio have been clear since the first commercial station went to air in 1973.

Initially you could choose from commercials, sponsorship or promotions. Then came roadshows, outside broadcasts, the rise of the internet and digital radio.

At Care Radio UK, creativity, frequency, “ad avoidance”, efficient targeting and the concept of radio being a “friend” still remains the same. Today we talk about spot advertising and branded lifestyle content. Above all we talk about partnerships.

Watch our short video about commercial partnerships with Care Radio UK

Before we embark on our partnership journey we;

  • Get to know your business and brand inside-out. Ask questions. Listen.

  • Demonstrate our understanding of your objectives and ultimate aims for your return on investment.

  • Design creative, multi-media solutions that match the Care Radio UK output and more importantly the Care Radio UK audience.

Understanding Your Commercial Needs

We are proud that in this world of media consolidation and network programming, Care Radio UK is independently owned and operated. To this end we make decisions faster, are more flexible and understanding of your commercial needs and because we have a small but highly-experienced team we can be more attentive to specific partnership objectives.

The Care Radio UK commercial and programming teams work hand-in-hand every day to create vibrant, informative, targeted and bespoke ideas that speak directly to your customers and our listeners.

We use every platform to promote our partnership. Across the UK and on-line and on our extensive social media network which includes Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Care Radio UK engages with a broad-range of commercial partners and is dedicated to working with them to make the most of this unique branding and partnership opportunity.

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