What is a Channel Partner?

A Channel partner is a charity or organisation with a direct link to the Care Community. A charity or organisation that would benefit from a partnership with a radio station specifically designed for them and their members.

What are the benefits of being a Channel Partner?

Being a Care Radio UK Channel Partner is a unique opportunity in the world of radio.

A Care Radio UK Channel Partner has access to:

  • Care Radio UK editorial, promoting your activities
  • Care Radio UK interviews promoting your work and fund-raising campaigns
  • Associate branding on the Care Radio UK website
  • A dedicated radio station for Carers linked on your website
  • Unique PR opportunities


Watch our short video about the benefits of being a channel partner with Care Radio UK.

Audience Delivery

Care Radio UK has a unique method of audience delivery.

We work hand-in-hand with a number of ‘Channel Partners’ including charities, companies and media organisations.

These Channel Partners promote and broadcast Care Radio UK to over 2 million people across the UK which grows with every new channel partner we sign up.


There are around 6.5 million carers in the UK – that is one in ten people. This is rising. Three in five people in the UK will be carers at some point in their lives. Out of the UK’s carers, 42% of carers are men and 58% are women.

Source: The Office for National Statistics

The 2011 Census counted 166,363 young unpaid carers (5 to 17-years-old) in England. Evidence has shown that, providing unpaid care may have an adverse effect on young carers’ general health. There is growing evidence pointing to the adverse impact on the health, future employment opportunities and social and leisure activities of those providing unpaid care, particularly in young carers.

Source: NHS