I’m Dave Price. When you listen to my programme on Care Radio UK, you’ll know almost immediately that I LOVE quizzes, conundrums and brain teasers!

Research, including this from ‘Your Brain Matters’ tells-us, to live a brain-healthy life, you need to look after your brain, your body, and your heart. They are all important. Keep your brain challenged and be socially active. Scientists have found that challenging the brain with new activities helps to build new brain cells and strengthen connections between them.

With that in mind, on and off-air, I challenge you to tackle on some of my favourite quizzes and brain teasers from around the globe.

Here are a few to keep you occupied:

These are 7- second riddles….you’ve got to be quick to spot the odd-one out and then have a bit of lateral thinking to get the answers to some of the riddle posed…remember, you only have seven seconds per questions…

In this clip from National Geographic, comedian Ben Bailey is quizzing people’s common sense with a few trick questions. Think you can’t be fooled? Play along by clicking on the video.

These clips from Open Culture and TED Ed are ideal if you have a little more time to spare….

Here is a quick quiz for History fans…you may wish to pause quickly between the questions and answers as it moves pretty quickly!

If English Literature is your area of expertise, try this quiz…another quiz where the answers are required quickly…ready…steady….GO!

On searching the World Wide Web, I came across this COMPLETELY RANDOM quiz from CNN Entertainment for SERIOUS fans of the movie ‘Back to the Future’…go on, give it a try….

Finally…I love films and this video is great fun (as long as you like MC Hammer!)…can you identify these cinematic classics from the short clips shown? Answers at the end of the video.

Dave’s Quiz

I’m honoured that the Dave Price Show attracts big names from the world of showbiz, and you’ll hear them on my programme on Care Radio UK.

Here are some pop-trivia questions from some of the friends of the programme along with some memories from my scrapbook…

‘Born to Do It’ was the debut album from Craig David in 2000. How may number one hits came from the album and can you name them?

a) 2
b) 1
c) None
d) 3

In this photo, I’m pictured with the guys from The Script. What is the first name of the band’s enigmatic front-man?

a) Charlie
b) Brian
c) Danny
d) Will

A touch of film-trivia for you now. In this picture, I’m portrayed as the legend DJ Alan Partridge (Ah – Ha) played by the equally legendary Steve Coogan. However, in which BBC Radio 4 programme did Alan make his first appearance back in 1991?

a) Desert Island Discs
b) Just a Minute
c) On The Hour
d) The Today Programme

This is singing superstar George Ezra. In 2014, which European city did George sing about in his hit?

a) Prague
b) Vienna
c) Rome
d) Budapest

Finally, I had to dig deep to find this one! Me and Tony Blackburn gigging together in 1995. Tony Blackburn was the first DJ to be heard on Radio One in which year?

a) 1967
b) 1969
c) 1966
d) 1970