In Lorraine’s Arts & Culture hour, sit back and enjoy the healing power of music. With great songs from the world’s greatest artists, she’s sure to stir some fantastic memories.

In regular features, the Artist of the Week is the velvet-voiced Mama Cass Elliot and in the Album of the Week get ready to dance around the kitchen as she features Out Of the Blue by the Electric Light Orchestra.

This week, Lorraine’s guest is Dr Maggie Ellis from the School of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of St Andrews. Dr Ellis is one of the country’s most respected dementia researchers and here she tells us how she became interested in her specialist area of Adaptive Interaction. This looks at the communication difficulties experienced by people with dementia and those who care for them.

Dr Ellis also introduces us to another regular feature, the Reminiscence Bump.
We have all been moved and amazed when patients with dementia respond to music from their younger years.
The memories we have from events that happen between the ages of 10 and 30 are said to be the strongest. Many significant events will happen then – the first kiss, first love, university, first job, maybe even marriage and children.
And Dr Ellis also gives us three tracks that would form part of her own Reminiscence Bump.

There is also live music from Lindsay Duncan, not only a professional musician who plays across the country but someone who gives up his time to volunteer at Carseview Hospital in Dundee, playing music for people with a range of mental health difficulties.
He tells Lorraine how he became involved and what volunteering means to him.

There’s also a round-up of the best arts and culture events and releases.

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